Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Defender Series Rugged iPhone 6 Case

An iPhone is such a phone that is made for everyday use. However, the sensitivity of an iPhone 6 prevents the users from taking it to workplaces which have a little harsh environment and therefore require a case which allows these users to use their iPhones in tougher conditions and help their phones survive the harshest drops. All of this is now possible with the OtterBox Defender Series Rugged Case.

Triple Layer Defense

This case for iPhone 6 comes with triple layer defense; an inner shell, outer slipcover, and touchscreen protector. The inner shell is hard, which keeps the phone safe from any damage if the phone falls from somewhere or bumps with any surface. The inner shell also has a sort of a cushion inside of it at the back to provide the phone with impact protection when it touches the harder inner shell. The outer slipcover is, however, a softer layer as compared to the inner shell. To provide safety in addition to this there is a touch screen protector so that the screen is also free from any damage.

In addition to all this, there is also a holster at the back in order to increase the number of ways a person can carry its phone. The holster can be clipped to most of the belts and straps and can also be used a kickstand when doubled.


To ensure the quality of drop defense, almost every case manufacturer gets some sort of certification. Similarly, OtterBox has tested their cases themselves and have given this case a certification which is OtterBox certified drop + protection.

Dust Protection

These multiple layers of protection also cover the port to ensure no dust or dirt enter the cover and clogs up the phone or the jack and ports.

Screen Protection

This case has an additional feature which is a touch screen protector and also enables the use of fingerprint sensor with the help of a little window that is the shape of the home button which allows the touch id feature to work through the screen protector.


This case comes in 6 colors. They are Black, Sea Crest, Indigo Harbor, Glacier, Hibiscus Frost, and Fire Within.

There are a few flaws in the design of the cover. Firstly, the touch ID doesn’t work as well as it should because of the extra layers of protection. Secondly, the phone gets way bulkier and thick with the case and makes usage a little uncomfortable. Thirdly, the hard case inside also makes it difficult to press the volume keys and sleep/wake buttons. They need to be pressed really hard to be operated. Lastly, the very large bezels surrounding the display make the phone a little inconvenient to use as when a person interacts with the display, the bezels restrict a gentle slide of touch across the phone.


The price of this case at the official OtterBox website is $49.95.