Sat. Mar 23rd, 2019

Full Grain Leather Case For iPhone 6s By Mujjo Review

As perfect in look as it is, the iPhone 6s draws many evil eyes towards itself. This assertion can be confirmed from the fact that every other iPhone 6s user we know has their screen broken. A broken phone, no matter even if it is just broken by screen while other features are intact, is indeed a great annoyance to bear.

We suggest you buy a defensive cover for your Apple Phone that ensures maximum protection to it alongside being classically elegant when it comes to looks. Over verdict is that the Mujjo’s new full leather case is the best ever protection you can provide for your iPhone 6s and we are sure your handset will be thankful to you, even if it can’t say it all aloud.

What to Expect From This Full Grain Leather Case?

This case has been designed especially for those people who like to carry their wallets separate from the phone and are frustrated with those wallet cases for iPhones. Manufactured under the supervision of experts, this case is proof of leather elegance and each and every angle of this beauty speaks volumes about the love and attention with which it had been made.
The case is made from the purest and finest grain leather and has been designed specifically in a way to endure the friction that comes with jeans pocket so that the case won’t tear apart no matter how much it is used.

The case has a minimalistic design and is thinner as compared to other iPhone 6s cases. This makes it lighter in weight too. With a matte look and decent shades, this case is made to offer, your phone never calls out for attention and yet draws so many stares from people. Each and every corner of this case shouts about the extreme workmanship and artistry the designers at Mujjo have.

The premium tanned leather is scratch free and never wither outs of discolors at all. However, like all other Mujjo leather products, the case does change a little bit over time and with use so as to give it feels identical to your persona and charm. Keeping the volume and power keys exposed, the cover assists the usage but also demands somewhat attention and care at the same time as well. The elevated ends also make certain that your iPhone 6s can usually ensure screen cracks upon falling down, however one has to be careful too.

Pricing Details

You can get your hands on this sleek and stylish entity from Mujjo’s website in just two beautiful shades of brown and black.