Sat. Mar 23rd, 2019

Ted Baker London Palace Gardens iPhone X Case Review

If you are reading this review, then you are not alien to the importance of smartphones. Their protection saves us major bucks because they protect our phone from all sorts of impacts.
Though, you cannot hide your lavish iPhone X is a mundane case. It will take away all its essence. Owning an iPhone is not only about the experience it entails, but it is also about being able to flaunt it too.
Don’t hide away your smartphone in a not so smart case. It is true, that simple monotone cases do look nice. But what about the special occasions, or the times when you are feeling fancy.
Ted Baker London Palace Garden case has taken the elegance of smartphone cases to a whole new level.

Phone Case Particulars

The Ted Baker London Palace Gardens case offers a warm and welcoming appeal. It not only is a beautiful case embodying elegant blooms, but it also has a spot-on protective feature. This phone case has a simple clip-on design, away from the technicalities of folios, buttons, and straps. It augments the phone’s originality.

Smooth Edges

The soft feel of the phone masking the hard-shell case has not escaped our notice. It being smooth has no effect on the grip, neither does it slip from the grip or when placed on a level surface. It weighs 2.28 ounces, not adding weight to the phone.

Fitted Design

The Ted Baker London Palace Garden case is form fitted. Hence, no empty space is left for the phone to move about in the case. Adding to it, the form fitted structure prevents the screen form cracks when it faces an impact.

High-Quality Leather

The high-quality faux leather does not chip off due to wear and tear. Ted and Bakers don’t mess around when it comes to quality. Cutouts are worth mentioning, they offer easy access to lightning port and speakers. They align perfectly. The cutouts are perfectly sized around the camera lens, power and volume button, and notification switch, keeping the original feel.

Design Specifics
This smartphone case has a vibrant design. It has a delicate mix of flowers with a geometric twist with a faux leather back.
The case has a powder pink background with an impressive red rose spanning its entire length across the case. The rose seems as if it was painted with watercolors. Beneath the rose you will observe the Ted Bakers logo in a peach metal plate, this does not steal focus from the design of the case, though its shines does attract the eye.
Beneath the rose, are ash grey geometric patterns. These give a distinctive edge to the case and separate it from the ordinary floral ones. The design isn’t restricted on the back, but it extends throughout the surface of the case including the sides, imparting a sense of uniformity.

How much does it cost?

This case costs $50.00 at Nordstrom and $39.99 at Amazon. It is sold out on many sites.