The Basics to seeing a Sensual Daydreams show.

What is 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'? It's the longest running interactive movie! This means that while you're watching the movie, there are going to be people (i.e. the cast of Sensual Daydreams) running around acting it out.  There will be rice during the wedding scene and rain during the raining scene, and people will be yelling at the screen, just the way movies ought to be.


THIS MOVIE IS RATED R (RESTRICTED) : Children under 17 Require a Parent or Guardian. While we trust that no one under 17 is enjoying the show without a parent or a guardian, there are some activities which are not for those under 18 and without parental/guardian consent. We do issue disclaimers before anything that may require parent/guardian consent for an underager to engage in. If you're a parent/gaurgian, you should watch our show before bringing a child to it.

PARTICIPATION : Participation requires the willing. Those who are not willing are less fun. So, if we pick you for something you are not willing to do, please tell us and we will find someone else for the fun!

VIRGIN GAME WINNERS : If you win the virgin games, we're gonna take your picture, and put it the front page. So if you are camera shy, make sure to Lose the virgin games!

WE DONT CONTROL WHAT THE AUDIENCE WEARS OR YELLS DURING THE SHOW : The easier it is for you to be offended the more likely you will be. Just relax and it will all be fine.

WE STRONGLY ENCOURGAE PEOPLE TO DRESS UP FOR THE SHOW : For many of you, that means showing up scantily clad or in lingerie. A word of advice, please wear a coat over your undergarments while standing in line (outside) waiting to get into the theatre. Please keep within LEGAL decency laws...anyone in less will be turned away.

RESPECT THE STAFF THE CAST AND OUR OTHER GUESTS : Those who cause trouble will have to leave.

PROPS : You can purchace a survival kit from us that will have everything you need however, if you wish to bring your own, We allow the following in reasonable quantities:

rice newspaper squirt guns flashlights
party hats noisemakers balloons toilet paper
toast playing cards bells

OUR BOUNCER CHECKS HOW MUCH STUFF PEOPLE BRING INTO THE THEATRE : Excessive amounts of props brought to the theatre will be taken away before you even get thought the door. Please limit rice to a small sandwich or ziplock bag no more than two toilet paper rolls per person all squirt guns must be smaller than a super soaker

DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AT THE CAST : Our bouncer will kick you out if you do.

DRESS CODE : We always like it when people dress up for the show. If you want to dress as a Rocky charecter go right ahead. If you want to wear lingerie to the show or just dress weird thats cool to. One of the main themes of the movie is "Dont dream it be it." So dress however you want. Just make sure its not something yu's get arrested for.

JOINING THE CAST: If you want to join the cast ask for an application while you are at the show.

ONE LAST THING: Members of Sensual Daydreams cast are not employees of the Oriental Theatre. We can't let you in the theatre early, give you discounted tickets or give you free food.