Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Tory Burch Fleming Cross-Body Phone Pouch

Every Year a new iPhone launches, and it is bigger and better than the previous version. Now considering everybody does not wear an attire which has pockets and these days due to the augmented sizes of phones, they no longer fit!
What to do then? A simple way it to carry your phone in a bag. A petite pouch does the job, doesn’t get in way of your daily routine and is in reach when needed.
This review is of Tory Burch Fleming Cross-Body Phone pouch that makes you carry your iPhone X in style.
It also makes your life a lot easier, with you not panicking over where to securely place your phone. It makes moving around easier.

Case Specifications

When a case is purchased, two main factors are made sure of. The ultimate protection of your prized possession and its compatibility with the aesthetics of the phone.

Safety Armor

The pouch is the safety shield of your phone. It is a leather and chain cross-body phone pouch with additional space to store cards and cash. Its height at 7.37 inches with a 22.51-inch strap. The leather is of an elegant lambskin finish. This will not wear with time, won’t shred away. It can bear a big impact due to the cushioning and shock absorbing impact put up by the pouch.

Uniform Design

The exposed zip at the top makes sure the phone stays inside. Unlike some pouches, with one side open, this pouch is zipped matching the color of the chain for uniformity of design. The smooth and sleek iPhone X will be contained in the pouch till needed.

Sewn Leather

The lining inside is smooth and durable. It is sewn the leather instead of just being glued, as witnessed in other cases. This prevents the case to wear away sooner and augments its durability. The pouch also encases 3 slots for cards or cash. It is more usable this way. It is much easier to carry this pouch than to carry a separate wallet with your phone in hand.
You have the original feel of the amazing iPhone X without having to hide it under heaps of plastic mess. Simply use the pouch to get about your daily jobs.

Aesthetically Designed

The Lambskin quilt design is truly an attention grabber. The gold chain compliments the Powder Pink and Jet-Black colors that it comes in.
The strap is long and sturdy to be held around the shoulder. This pouch is great for meetings and outings. Its sleek and stylish design will not only compliment your attire, but it will also fit around your personality.

Works with all Attires

This ladylike phone pouch is justice serves to all the female jeans that have the international faux pockets or ones which are too small to even have a wallet placed in them.
It keeps your phone and cards/cash in reach for your convenience being chic at the same time.

Price Point

The Fleming Cross- Body Phone pouch previously was of $270.00, but it now retails at $189.00 at the official Tory Burch site.